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Branding `The Experience’

Its been awhile since I made my last post.

I can’t help mentioning an unfortunate event that happened to me a couple of weeks back which helped me rejuvenate my sense of branding definition.

I had a breakdown right off the federal highway. It was a hot afternoon at about 3pm and I was sweating profuselyin the car since I can’t keep the engine on. That was when I made my first call to AAM ( Automobile Association of Malaysia ) and was greeted quite promptly considering it a public holiday. Customer service answered the call and took some details and was asked to wait for a confirmation. I then got a confirmation call saying that a AAM mechanic was coming over but didnt say when.

I was thinking to myself `gosh, this might take foreever’ It was the first time I was dealing with AAM since I signed up with them more than 12 months ago, I was quite skeptical of the service or any other service from any other companies for that matter.

The mechanic’s van came in about 20 minutes.Fair enough.

He came up to me and had my membership details checked and was told that it had already expired! I panicked for awhile, prepared for the worst. And to my delight, I was offered to renew my membership there and there itself, on the highway, by the emergency lane.An excellent service feature. The last thing I would want to know is that I have an expired membership and that they can’t do anything about it at that point, leaving me stranded by the roadside.

The mechanic then verified the damage, and was covinced that I needed a tow truck instead of some on the spot fixing,and told me that he had instructed their AAM tow truck. Oh well… I was ready to wait anyway. It was like another 20 minutes or so, my saviour was in sight. Cruising in swiftly, stopped and out comes a friendly chap in a AAM jumper suit, greeted me with a nod and did his thing, lowering the tracks, adjusting and shoving my car accordingly and plugging in the hook, all by himself. In no time I was in the truck chatting away with this friendly fellow on the way to a workshop of my choice.

By the way the service was absolutely free from any charges since it was within Klang Valley. Those who have experience this sort of situation would know that you need to pay about RM300 – RM400 just for the tow. Need I say RM60.00 membership fees is a pretty good investment ?

Now back to the conversation I was having with this chap.

I was impressed by the service so far and decided asked him more about AAM. To my surprise, he actually let mein very thoroughly on the service, network of vehicles and number of centres they have nationwide.And even better,I was given an overview on how AAM managed their operations in order to provide consistency in convenience to its members.

Later, I decided to get more personal and asked him why he is working on a holiday, don’t they have day offs? So I was expecting him to give me a more personal question like `no can do, need to feed his family or its hard earning a living,etc,etc.But instead he took a diplomatic approach and was telling me that if all of them were to take a holiday leave no one would be able to run the service. It would only be fair that they serve on rotations so that they could live up to their (brand) promiseof a 24 hour service 7 days a week not depriving its members of the service.

What more can I say? It was a totally pleasurable experience from the phone call to the workshop.

This is what I call……

`Brand experience delivered’

ps. Nope Im not being paid to write today’s post!


About Pete WP Fong

Pete is the Digital Marketing & Social Media Consultant of DMC Engage365, pioneering the landscapes of digital marketing with huge ambitions to bring local brands to virtual life


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