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DMC’s B2B Branding System

Welcome to my first blog post.

Its sad to see most local SMEs exhausting themselves focusing only on generating sales revenues for their businesses when they can leverage themselves to big time opportunities like strategic alliances, investors and stakeholder’s venture capital, merger & acquisition, IPO, co-branding benefits, brand equity enhancement,etc.

Only when one has great commitment, embeded with true missions and vision of their company, will see the great importance of B2B Branding whether it be on a corporate level or for their range of competencies. Believing in innovative B2B Branding will empower them to compete on par with foriegn competition albiet`globalization’ ( an overused term that has its significance in years to come.)

Being a true malaysian marketeer , it has always been my goal to concote solutions for local SMEs and SMIs to compete with the onslaught of foriegn competition. But educating them ( the locals ) is already a challenge, to get them to dig out of their pockets for a particular brand investment is much more than that. Hence, ive came up with strategic solutions that integrate e-Branding into marketing campaigns to offer long term, consistent brand visibility during `down time’ ( low period of A&P or PR activities ) , creation of progressive brand existence and cost effectiveness with emphasis on ROI.

Our system is effectively unique and is structured against a solid famework of internal work application systems and modules. By refering the brand character and personality to the core values and culture of our client’s company, we are able to drive home a dynamic open end theme concept so that our clients are able to progress constructively through the years with or without us working for them. By installing a standard identity system, they are able to carry through a consistent b2b brand image in all of its contact points with the customer. And more importantly presenting their corporate brand through multi-faceted media reaching out profiles through niche positionings and personalized marketing by using a combination of advertising, marketing and public relations, online and offline strategies.

Until our existing and potential clients realize the importance of B2B Branding, DMC and I will continue to educate and practice the system until phenomenal case studies are built upon to convince.

See you soon.

About Pete WP Fong

Pete is the Digital Marketing & Social Media Consultant of DMC Engage365, pioneering the landscapes of digital marketing with huge ambitions to bring local brands to virtual life


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