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The Essentials of B2B Branding Tools

`Hello, Mr. so and so, I’m calling to see if your company would be interested in updating your corporate profile?’ asked Pete on an eager tone.`Nope, not interested, we do everything in-house ‘ replied the prospect.

A very common situation in which I encounter when I do my business development. And yes I do cold calls for ongoing business other than the usual business and social networking which doesn’t seem to offer much nowadays. I guess the first thing that runs through the prospect’s mind was `nope we are not going to waste our money during times like this, we are already saving huge costs with our own in-house graphic department.’

It makes me appreciate more of my existing clients today as I am blessed with having those who understand the essential need for strategic and creative professionalism in their marketing communications collaterals to square off their competitors and have that extra edge. They acknowledged the importance of being perceived as a completely professional and capable business entity that delivers. They have not only taken the time to understand and contribute, but also given us at DMC the full force to drive their image to success.

Here are some solid reasons why you should engage a professional creative communicator to conceptualize, design and develope your basic branding tools.

a.) The need for strategic concepts

In today’s competitive environment, rationale design concepts are no longer enough to take your brand image to another level. Your customers are just as smart as you are today. They understand what brand experience means and the quality of the value proposition your company lives by to `deliver the promise’. And your b2b marketing collaterals need to show that and more.

If your marketing collaterals are not produced based on delivering your existing brand statement then you might as well forget about producing it in the first place. Of course you can have them ready for your sales development but by ignoring the `branding elements’ you are not selling as a business to business entity but in fact tucking in with the lower liners by just competing on functional values and price wars as a mediocre supplier or vendor. And on top of that you are not making full use or maximizing the budget for your marketing collaterals. A waste of time and money Isn’t it so?

b. ) Agency’s wide range of experience & expertise

By working with the creative agency you will be able to tap into their extensive experience of creating marketing collaterals that work in terms of ROI as they work on projects day in and day out needless to say. But I really want to suggest some thing here which I think most of my colleagues in the industry will not agree to. Engage a creative agency which in some sort of way has done works for your specific industry. Experience counts. Unless the creative agency is is well known for their research driven attitudes, stick to those who offer niche market services. It saves you a lot of time and money.

You will also need to understand how your customers or clients consume their communications. In what ways would they construct their minds to understand what you are trying to sell to them. Different industries have different set of behaviours to start with. Your creative agency provides you with these insights.

c.) Deliver your brand statement.

Your consistency is utmost important when it comes to deliver your brand statement.

The irony of SMEs or sometimes even the larger companies is that they want their business to have consistent sales and revenue growths but do not have a consistent branding approach, and let alone a proper branding kit which consist of the standard b2b marketing collaterals.

Your brand statement should carry through on your basic branding kit which should include

1. Company Profile ( hardcopy in print and electronic document) ,
2. Corporate Website and a
3. Corporate Video Documentary ( formatted for various media applications )

You can’t fight the B2B competition without the basic communication tools that is for sure. Regain your competitive edge through a proper brand representation and visualization in all your marketing collaterals. Get a creative communicator to sync all your corporate branding elements into a singular pathway making sure your marketing tools are in tune with your branding goals for at least the next 2 to 3 years.

Last words, Engage those who understand what corporate communications is all about, and.not a design or a creative agency that only strives on the aesthetics and rationale quality of the perceived images.

Quote of the Day :-
`Marketing and innovation are the two things that create customers and profits, everything else is an expense’ – Peter Drucker


About Pete WP Fong

Pete is the Digital Marketing & Social Media Consultant of DMC Engage365, pioneering the landscapes of digital marketing with huge ambitions to bring local brands to virtual life


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