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The Value of Creative Rationales.

A good creative rationale elevates the value of a designer’s work. It tells you how well rounded, matured and experienced your designer or creative agency is. It will enable the client to work well strategically with their marketing communications within the target profile they are looking at. I always believe that every element and action … Continue reading

The Attributes of Interactive Branding

We already know that digital convergence is inevitable, and that it has profound marketing implications If not heeded, you’ll probably loose your customers much faster than any other negative business factors that influence your market share.For those who are still not quite sure how interactive branding can enormously boost your business, whether its about bottomline … Continue reading

Building the Character of a B2B brand

Stumble across an article by Paul Temporal last weekend on a local sunday paper. I was again rationalized by his teachings on asian branding. True enough that a product, service, system or process CAN be duplicated and copied no matter how different and unique it is from the market place.Sooner or later your competition will … Continue reading

Working with Creative Talent

Over the years I have had the privilege to work with some of the most creative people in the industry. That is perhaps the one passionate reason why I am still working in the industry today. Most creative people have a vision of their own. They shape concepts based on their life experiences and the … Continue reading

Empowering Visions

The ability to conceive a vision for your business shows that you have a great foresight and imagination and that you have the courage and passion to take your business to another level of distinguished success.But what does `Corporate Vision’ means to you? Why do you need one? `Vision’ as stated in the webster dictionary … Continue reading