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The need to e-BRAND now !

Everyone is talking about e-Branding nowadays, none really bother about learning the foundations of a good eBranding strategy as far as the local B2B industry is concern. They would rather involve themselves in the technicalities and tactical methods of internet marketing to gauge more pageviews, better CTRs (click thru rate ), retain more unique visitors, and
measuring metrics and analytics.

Needless to say we need to understand the environment that we are marketing in first. Yes of course, there are those who are experts in this field and by far know much more than anybody else but I am referring to the local bricks and mortar businesses trying out performance advertising for the first time and those intend to do so in the near future.

The next time you are being told the rules have changed in the marketing environment, you better believe it.

Here’s why :-

– The paradigm shift is certain.The most active Internet users today are from the 21 to 35 age groups that will mature in about 10 years. These are future CEOs, businessmen/women and professional executives that will play a role in profiting your business in the future.

– 80/20 rule does not work anymore. With data readily available, target profiles need not be forecasted but acquired through a selection process.

– Consumer is `king’ online and they continue to drive and control your brands in the future. A `clean’ and `ideal’ brand image is no longer possible.

– The attributes of the internet medium encompasses the whole brand experience unlike traditional mediums, surpassing the accuracy of tradtional ratings and focus groups sampling methods.

– Media mogul Rupert Murdoch bought Intermix Media which is the parent to social media website Myspace.Com for USD580 million and competitor Facebook is asking for USD1 billion and not forgetting Google bought YouTube for USD1.7billion. All of which are fertile media grounds for marketeers with tremendous potential to quadraple its value in a relatively short period of time.

Almost all of the eBranding information on the web refer to the B2C segment. I anticipate B2B eBranding to be quite different. The( interactive marketing ) industry haven’t quite catch up to that level yet as they are still sorting out B2C eBranding issues on how to work with social medias and consumer networks plus a whole lot of other technical improvisation to deliver optimum results. It is still searching for the best ways to analyse, integrate and manage consumer data through the developement of cutting-edge applications. No doubt, there are issues to be iron out like inventory prediction, targetting, frequency capping, etc but aren’t there any issues marketing offline until today?

About 80% of DMC’s clients responded positively towards our B2B eBranding or eMarketing proposals but there were a hint of doubt since the branding system was not build totally on CGM ( consumer generated media ) networks as most B2C eBranding strategy would. But it will still deliver the flow of 1. awareness 2. consideration 3. intent 4. purchase. in a more business friendly and conducive environment. One of which stays reasonably well away from the hostiliy and damaging risks of the web towards a terrestrial brand.

The rest of the 20% were merely on `wait and see’ mode as the local B2B industry is still in its early stages in learning the medium’s ROI metrics, the variety of techniques and methods and the best way to engage a 3rd party resource to execute the `e-marketing’ plan.

Having said that, I really wonder how our B2B segments are responding to these positive trends as there are no offical reports or data available yet for that matter ( do correct me if Im wrong ).

My advise to my more reserved and bricks and mortar clients is always, get your web channels ( website, microsites, podcasts, blogs, videologs,etc ) up first. By the end of the day its about building relationships and how to influence it by using creative communication skills to yield traditional bottomline results.



About Pete WP Fong

Pete is the Digital Marketing & Social Media Consultant of DMC Engage365, pioneering the landscapes of digital marketing with huge ambitions to bring local brands to virtual life


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