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Key drivers to B2B eBranding strategies

A lot had been said about `changing consumer behaviour’ and the new mediums that enable them ( the consumer ) to speak out and be more vocal about their daily choices. The availability of internet and mobile technology communication platforms are now making its presence felt due to its increasing value and meaningful enagagements.What seems impossible fifteen years ago is now a driving force.

Having said that, what are the ingredients that will drive a business to business brand you might want to ask?

Just like in any evolution of new business commnication methods or techniques in every decade or so, every sale of a product or service whether it be B2C or B2B, will still boil down to these `non-changing’ behaviours :-


Its almost impossible to garner immediate trust from the consumers who want to buy a product or service from your e-Commerce channels. Unless its a mega terrestrial brand or one which they have used it consistently offline, you will have little or no chance to experience the kind of `overnight success’ that you had offline using traditional marketing channels. Being `who you are’ does not matter the least. In the new media environment its `who they are’ and `what they want’ that matters. And if you are able to fulfill that need efficiently, you have gained their trust. More often than not, its usually solid and long term.

Key : Its always the first transaction experience that the `first brick’ of trust is built upon. The ability to deliver as promised without any technical hitches or delays in delivery timeframes.


A relationship on the net for commercial products or services is not easy to build. Traditional marketeers have been struggling to connect with new customers online because of their traditional thinking. They tend to focus on themselves and their capabilities rather than trying to understand what are the needs of the relationship are. They, the traditional markeeters hate to blend in ( with the online community ) due to the fact that they had led the consumers from the very beginning. To have the consumers in the driver’s seat is a fearful thought.

Key : Blend in with the online community and engage them in a series of multiple dialogues. Understand what they need and provide those needs accordingly.


This one and most critical requirement of a e-commerce business model is consistency.Online consumers can only judge you by your consistency in providing updated contents , replying emails, answering enquiries , tracking logistics and product delivery.Most of the time they can’t or don’t verify the background or existence of the company they are dealing with due to perhaps distance, not enough resources, failure to locate relevant and required infromation.etc, thus all the above are utmost important to them.

Key : Manage your e-business just like any other business. Its really about being able to deliver a standard system to process the inflow of information and range of physical products to the consumers.

There are a host of agencies out there selling dozens of Branding and e-marketing concepts. Different agencies live by different frameworks and philosophical approaches. And these three business traits must be the key drivers of those beliefs and systems. No matter how unique or orthodox agencies work in delivering results, by the end of the day whether it be B2B or B2C its about using integrated audience data from new media platform(s) to convert sales through the crafting of multiple themed creative messages, simultaneously, working towards building trust, engaging relationships and managing consistency.

Hope to talk more about internet and mobile technology platforms in my next post.


About Pete WP Fong

Pete is the Digital Marketing & Social Media Consultant of DMC Engage365, pioneering the landscapes of digital marketing with huge ambitions to bring local brands to virtual life


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