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Empowering Visions

The ability to conceive a vision for your business shows that you have a great foresight and imagination and that you have the courage and passion to take your business to another level of distinguished success.But what does `Corporate Vision’ means to you? Why do you need one?

`Vision’ as stated in the webster dictionary as a thought, concept, or object formed by the imagination. It tells to the world a lot about how you are going to run your business, what are your standards and level of expectation and where do you intend to take your business to in the future.

I have been to a board meeting in which I recall a executive director of a public listed water company says that corporate vision and mission are one heck of a bull, a camouflage just for impressions.As far as he is concern, he sees his vision as making as much money as he could to meet his revenues forecasts and to keep his directors and shareholders in contentment. Hmm…Shallow isn’t it? Perhaps he or many other local businessmen does not come to the senses when reminded of that the idea of `chasing the money’ will not get him or the company anywhere near its desired levels of collective growth. No wonder 80% of the new and heavily invested SME companies fall out within its first three years of operation. But of course, other factors may be the influence.

I also come to know a lot of executive directors of SMEs who change their vision every now and then whenever I was called in to execute their company profile. Realignment is needed of course, but not at the expense of foresaking what you set out to do unless unforeseen circumstances which in my opinion not an excuse to begin with. They, the business owners sometimes get too engrossed in their company’s revenues and profitability and leave it out to their employees to work out their visions just for the sake of having one. Gosh.Its like handing over your profits down to the gutter.

Deciding on a corporate vision is the job of the business owners themselves.They are the oneswho are going to shape the company and the business into moving towards the direction that they want.

Here are some basic questions they need to ask themselves :

1. Are you still being true to your passions?
2. How are you going to accomplish your vision?
3. What are the core values and work culture that needs to be forged to succeed?
4. How do you plan to carry out your mission?
5. And lastly, what are the communication tools that you will be engaging?

Here’s how they can stay on track :

Communicate your vision

Put in words what you have envisioned. Convey your thoughts and get a collective response from company share holders on where you want the company to go in the next 10 years perhaps. Make it known to your employees, business associates and customers as they will be the one who are going to build your pathway to achieving that vision of yours. Use every communication tools you can get your hands on and tell the world what your plans are.

Live your mission.

The intensity of desire in fulfilling your mission will decide how close you are to accomplishing your vision. Use your mission as a benchmark to gauge performance in all aspects of your business. Assess the value of your product and services, customer satisfaction, employee relations and business associates. Use those assessments to improve upon and instil your core values and work culture. When you have a common goal its much easier to reach for the stars. And lastly do the walking, not the talking.

Rejuvenate your passion

Take time out to refocus on what matters most to you in your business. The moment you feel lost or experiencing a what I call `mediocre trance’ ( getting into a routine, working for the sake of survival ), ask yourself one question.`Am I still enjoying what I am doing for the last 12 months?’ Yes means you just need a breather and then re-strategize and re-adapt to the changes around you. If its a `No’ , its time to move on to other things that can perk you up. It means your passion for your business is already dead. You are in it just to make a few dollars more until the day events and circumstances force you to leap the boat. A situation you wouldn’t want to get yourself caught into.

Seek your vision with passion and I truly believe you will find ways in keeping it within close range of your efforts. I would like to leave you with Stephen Pierce’s mentioning of his mentor once said to him.`Desire is want to have. Passion is to refuse not to have.’

Good luck in realizing your vision.


About Pete WP Fong

Pete is the Digital Marketing & Social Media Consultant of DMC Engage365, pioneering the landscapes of digital marketing with huge ambitions to bring local brands to virtual life


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