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Working with Creative Talent

Over the years I have had the privilege to work with some of the most creative people in the industry. That is perhaps the one passionate reason why I am still working in the industry today.

Most creative people have a vision of their own. They shape concepts based on their life experiences and the things they come into contact with. And some experiences may be more intense and thorough than others. Which explain why some agencies are better than others in terms of creative relevance when building concepts to suit a brand image. It all boils down to that one particular creative individual assigned to conceive the core idea.

I have came across a local creative director whom has a passion for good food. His belly tells you that and he looks more like a chef than a C.D. but creates excellent food ads for major restaurants in town. He practically makes you drool over his propositions, with spellbinding craftsmanship, deliciously expressive visual concepts that pop right out from the page straight into your waggering yum yum ( your drooling mouth! ) . But when it comes to producing work for industrial companies, he makes them look like candy bar manufacturers instead.

It is the norm that the creatives do not admit that they are only good at a particular category of work. This is because they would want to experience everything at every opportunity. Firstly, they need constant mental stimulation to survive on, Second, they need the `dough’ , so they grab every opportunity that comes within reach ( refering to the entrepreneur types) and Third, they are always experimenting with new things and situations, which again explains why most of them have rocky love relationships! No offence guys!

Having said that I know of some of them indeed market themselves very well and recognize their niche talents. These are the experts who contributed their time and money on a specific category of creative work and ought to be paid well. DMC works with these group of creative professionals.

Being in the industry for sometime now, my clients usually engage `yours truly’ to mediate the talents, sourcing for them the right talent that would work best for them on a certain project, relying on my experience to manage their attitudes to get the best out of them ( the creatives ) for their brands.

Here’s how to working with other extremely creative characters. How to get the best out of them for your branding projects.

1. Get to know them in a sincere manner.
2. Give them space to improvise. ( But not improvise upon them, unless necessary )
3. Never insist of having it your way ( even though you are the client )
4. Make them feel they are appreciated for their contribution.
5. Give it to them straight if they fail to perform.

If you are able to manage their emotional state, you are one step ahead of your peers.They will not only give you their utmost best for now but raising the bar each time on every next assignment, if given the room to excel their originality. Show them your trust and be straight and constructive in giving your comments and they will stand by you and your brand. And lastly get in touch with them on an personal level and treat them like a person. Being nasty is a big `no-no’

After all strategic brand advertising is about creating emotional benefits to touch the hearts of the consumers in order to generate their desire to consume.


About Pete WP Fong

Pete is the Digital Marketing & Social Media Consultant of DMC Engage365, pioneering the landscapes of digital marketing with huge ambitions to bring local brands to virtual life


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