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Building the Character of a B2B brand

Stumble across an article by Paul Temporal last weekend on a local sunday paper. I was again rationalized by his teachings on asian branding.

True enough that a product, service, system or process CAN be duplicated and copied no matter how different and unique it is from the market place.Sooner or later your competition will catch up with you to compete on similiar functional values creating a level playing field in a tight market situation . Sometimes they go to the extend of duplicating your emotional values. These are your `copy cat’ competitors which will nibble into your market share and will eventually be eating up a substantial portion of your safely gaurded revenue generating pie.

I remember trying to coax a mid size local human resource company ( more of an outsourcing company for labour workers ). into building a personalized character for its corporate brand. I was lambasted for not being able to differentiate their services from their competition.The executive director kept on pushing for the uniqueness of his processes that he was able to cater to the market due to its size of liquidity and capital gains. Instead I proposed an idea which was to convey the character of the company that not only enhances their clients perception of how they see themselves and how well verse are they in their client’s industry to meet the needs and challenges.

It is essential to know what drives the character and personality of your business. Your company’s core values form the attitudes and characters of the business, and the people that surrounds it from day one.How these people react and respond to the way your company operates will create the b2b brand perception.It is essential that you understand what what is it that your customers, business partners, associates, employees are in search of when dealing with your company. It is also imperative that `change’ will have to take place in the event of failure to deliver the `promise’. The `change’ usually needs the invlovement of positive interactions between the people at large and you, the business owner. I would like to mention here that `change’ happens in just a split second. It is getting the mindset ready for change that takes time and effort. And that is when the credibility of your b2b brand falls into the
buffer zone.

It is only when you project these positive results through different communication tools and media,and convey it to the massive audience, you will finally have a unique brand personality and character embeded into your b2b branding.

Believe in the benefits of creating a personalized character for your B2B brand. It is not a waste of time and money ( as to most `down to earth’ type of SMEs ). It will only strengthen your business in the process and inject very tangible asset values into your account books. Having said that, treat your branding budget as an asset investment if you are to see tangible results in the longer term. Give me a tinkle if you wish to be presented with some off hand case studies as I can go on and on with success stories on b2b corporate branding.


About Pete WP Fong

Pete is the Digital Marketing & Social Media Consultant of DMC Engage365, pioneering the landscapes of digital marketing with huge ambitions to bring local brands to virtual life


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