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The Attributes of Interactive Branding

We already know that digital convergence is inevitable, and that it has profound marketing implications If not heeded, you’ll probably loose your customers much faster than any other negative business factors that influence your market share.For those who are still not quite sure how interactive branding can enormously boost your business, whether its about bottomline profits, customer relationship management, sales management or any other areas pertaining to the growth of the entity, here are the basic attributes of the new media and what it means to your business.

Measurable ROI:

The ability to track accurate results is one of the core reasons for why the new media is gaining ground in the marketing environment. Consumer data can be integrated for various targetting strategies and resultmetrics can be benchmarked in a more concise manner. Every dollar spent is being accounted for.Layered Information:
This particular attribute gives you the opportunity to present your case, whatever it may be, in detailed andelaborate manner. It has the ability to engage an interactive audience into dialogue sessions which in turn can be used for product improvements and leads conversion. These cannot be done on traditional mediums.24/7 Exposure / Infinite Mileage:
It means your customers have greater and more frequent access to your business when and where they want it. This signal a substantial increase in the frequency of your customers touchpoints and the experience theywill have with your online presence. Thus increasing the intensity of your brand awareness and equity value.

Borderless Medium:
The real time ability to communicate directly to your customers all over the world opens up your marketssignificantly.It speeds up time to market response and creates a niche opportunity to market based on targetdemographics instead of geographic segmentations. It will be your primary communications gateway to the world.

Multimedia Experience:
Soon, with the launch of the IPTV ( Internet Protocol Television ) era , businesses can deliver multi-types of marketing messages that can inform, interact and transact.This means that you do not only tell and impactyour customers with messages about your products, but conduct your sale through this medium. It is perhaps the best form of marketing media ever developed since the invention of terrestrial television.

Seamless Integration:
Every aspect of your business whether its sales or marketing, human resources or corporate management,operations or production, comes together on a single platform to produce and enhance results that areall crucial to the delivery of the total brand experience.

I would imagine by the end of the day, those who have founded their e-commerce platforms at a much earlier stage will look beyond sales, marketing and CRM. Some of the SMEs and SMIs are already using e-Branding as a tool to leverage on business investment opportunities, mergers and acquisitions, co-branding and smart partnerships, investors and employee relations, etc. Something which they could not do as effectively in the past due to mainly budget constrains and proper communications infrastructure.

The new media has given a huge opportunity for SMEs and SMIs to create a level playing field by using interactive branding channels to communicate and deliver its brand promise that is sometimes offer far greater value and quality than existing terrestrial brands.


About Pete WP Fong

Pete is the Digital Marketing & Social Media Consultant of DMC Engage365, pioneering the landscapes of digital marketing with huge ambitions to bring local brands to virtual life


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