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The Value of Creative Rationales.

A good creative rationale elevates the value of a designer’s work. It tells you how well rounded, matured and experienced your designer or creative agency is. It will enable the client to work well strategically with their marketing communications within the target profile they are looking at. I always believe that every element and action within the visual expression must have an emotional intention attached to it, whether it be loud or subtle.And perhaps a permissible level of unexplainable motives to exude the mood and style of the theme concept by `feeling’ your way through.

Now how exactly do you evaluate creative rationales?

Relevance – It must be relevant to the phsycographics of the target profiles that you are aiming at. I have done numerous campaigns and communication work only to find that some clients approve the concept boards just because they are comfortable with it and that they themselves can closely relate to the creatives.Ever seen any TV Commercials in the past that you needed to explain to someone who doesn’t get it? Its just mean that the message didnt got through and money down the drain.

Language – Minus the flimsy and shallow use of so called high impact `swashbuckling’ ( bombastic? ) words. A good creative rationale manifests details of the message. The more simple and clearer to understand, the more weight and substance it carries. Its funny sometimes how some campaigns are targetted towards our local youths, given the fact that most are poor in their command of the english language, agencies still come up with words that confuse instead of leading them. How can you sell something to its full effect when your target audience cannot relate. By the way most of you should know by now different ethnics have different ways of communicating the same message for the same results.Thats why ad translations sucks.

Mood – Using insights to create an artistic feel sets the mood and style for a product or service image Abstract art and other modes of creative expression that pushes the emotional buttons of the consumers can be used as long as they can relate to it. Moods are usually drawn towardscolors, settings and conversations most of the time. Being abstract risk the conversion rate of your target profiles as not all of the same genreare receptive and respond to such an approach.On the other hand, if your are brave enough to try, you might get some pretty astounding results. A matter of luck perhaps?

One important factor I would like to bring up to the fore is your attention to the process of how a creative rationale is conceived within a creative environment. Some ad agencies have a set of work application system to justify a collective effort that its effective, and command high levels of originality and conviction.But there are those who work on without giving thought to the process itself. Ive worked in agencies which entirely neglect this crucial area and create their rationales minutes before a presentation by just looking at the creative visuals itself.Ive also worked with agencies, even though small or at a`start up’ level, that are incredibly well cultured in the way they approach their creative values and took a great deal of time preparing creative rationales days ahead before a presentation. These are the agencies you should stick to.

With emerging media trends around the corner, the challenge is far greater to prove that creativity can really work with effectiveness to engage the consumer and deliver the results. Thus the role of creative rationales will become more critical and important to address the issue of `meaningful relevance’ in the near future.


About Pete WP Fong

Pete is the Digital Marketing & Social Media Consultant of DMC Engage365, pioneering the landscapes of digital marketing with huge ambitions to bring local brands to virtual life


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