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Group Buying Advertising is a media buyout not a sales promotional tool.

If businesses understood this, there wouldn’t be much of a complain as far as the group buying advertising concept is concern. In fact they would be glad they took up the offer and that it had worked tremendously to their advantage. For those who still think that Group Buying Advertising is a generic sales promotion … Continue reading

10 ways of benefiting from your Group Buying Advertising (GBA) campaigns.

1. Get instant customers to your doorsteps Customers are literally waiting to queue up at your store once they get their hands on your amazing deal of the day from your GBA’s website. 2. Leverage on huge social networks for full paying customers Tap into your GBA customers ( or traffic if you may ) … Continue reading

What Group Buying Advertising WILL NOT DO for your business.

Ever asked yourself what are the limitations of the Group Buying Advertising concept and never seem to get your answers from these group buying companies themselves?  Here is what Group Buying Advertising WILL NOT DO for your business : 

Merchants ambivelance towards Group Buying Media unfounded !

When I was first introduced to the group buying concept, I was NOT totally blown away by its efficacy to generate massive buying response. Afterall, its pure common sense that who wouldn’t want to buy something that is way above 50% discount (sometimes even 90%) for a good product that is meant for full paying … Continue reading

Groupon makes $11 million in a day with a $25 Gap coupon.

This is the reason why Groupon is the fastest growing business model in the world today. I can’t think of any other businessess that can rake in pure hard cash of USD$11 million in a day, can you?