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Digital Marketing – My perspective Part 2

Now that we know what drives the foundation of digital marketing, we need to know what is needed to make each process more meaningful. I have identified five critical areas as core mechanics to set it aside from other similiar marketing concepts. And each of this area requires talented human resources to shape the outcome of the results. Not technology, nor technical skillsets but pure creative marketing and communication talent will eventually be the core strength and unique propositions of any interactive process. Not the system itself.

1. Creative interactive concepts

Ideas and creativity are needed in the creation of successful interactive processes just like any typical marketing strategy would. The difference is that, the interactive process is viewed upon as a macro medium that encapsulates strategic brand communications and creative message crafting or concept visualization. The fact that the interactive process depends on an open ended engagement with the audience to manifest, one could only anticipate the results and not by pushing it. Therefore creative human behavioural anticipation is needed to design a process that works in real time to unleash the acceptance of brand influences.

2. Skillful communicators

How the interactive process takes shape will depend on how skillful your communications are during your interaction with your customers/audience. Since the process will end up 3 takes either in a positive tone, a negative mode or a neutral position, your conversations can greatly be enhanced by a series of cleverly orchestrated communication paths that are supported by protocols and mitigation strategies.

3. Process grading system

A benchmarking system is perhaps the only way to determine the quality of the conversations in an interactive environment. Largely, it depends on the level of impression the conversations have projected. Negative opinions and comments are therefore does not necessary be regarded as unproductive or unworthy for the process. Whereas, a neutral stand is more meaningless, probably due to inaction or liberal thoughts. Thus, situations like these have to be accounted for and factored into any end results, other than the basic engagement scoring, web analytics and data quantification.

4. Funnel channelling strategy

During the course of the process, multiple customers touchpoints are created within the conversations ( or the system ) and more often then not actions are needed to complete the tasks. One of the more critical results that matters during the conversations is the prospect willingness to opt-in into one of your lead capture modules being seeded within the process along the way. Irregardless of the conversation, the process now had already bagged in your potential stakeholder.

5. Mitigation and protocol

The interactive process must address the fear of repulsive comments and possible hostility on the web. Instead of creating a diversion to quarantine conversations at the slightest tinge of possible dissatisfaction or compulsive reaction, the situation should be taken skillfully by its horns and manifest it to one’s advantage. Again this is where expert communicators are needed to moderate and neutralize any possible `crisis’ situation before it gets viral.

Until there is a substantial change in perspective by parties that are connected to this paradigm and the industry to quickly recognize that the heart of digital marketing lies in the interactive process ( not interactivity per se ), much of the `marketing dollars’ will taken as a shot in the dark. Some on target and plenty of missess. Malaysian marketing, advertising and public relations agencies must then be willing to make the shift by mobilizing its massive creative resources to embrace the fact that the interactive process drives digital marketing ( they’ll probably like me to mention `social marketing’ instead) , work on this foundation and undertake its consequences to complete the transformation and shape the industry the way it should be represented.

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About Pete WP Fong

Pete is the Digital Marketing & Social Media Consultant of DMC Engage365, pioneering the landscapes of digital marketing with huge ambitions to bring local brands to virtual life


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