Content Marketing

Content marketing takes up a big chunk of your online marketing campaign and is the main driver of your brand strategies and marketing objectives online.

Article marketing( or BUM Marketing some might call it ) is the predominant technique among other content mediums like video, audio and viral publications. It involves a team of writers, that has the composure to deliver quality articles by the numbers in a unique and (preferably) original manner that are written with your key niche markets in mind. These articles are then submitted to press release sites, article directories, blogs, document sites, etc. Overtime, these articles will build up substantially, just like an ever growing army of spokespersons for your brand.

Digital marketing entities call it content seeding, and it has a deep viral effect that supercedes the usage of online advertisements to a large extent.

How does a basic article or content marketing strategy looks like? Here’s how :-

The Article-Content Marketing System

For the online marketer, article marketing has two goals to achieve to call it a success. Firstly, to gain what we call `backlinks’ that will drive your online presence up the search engines ranking positions to make your brand much more visible on the first pages of google targetting the keywords of your choice. And secondly, to drive valuable unique traffic towards the sales funnel into your lead capture module.

For your business, the result is often

– a good catch of qualified leads

– a highly refined targetted exposure / impressions based on brand knowledge.

– a solid foundation to an online business model

Article and content marketing and will continue to play an important role in the online marketing realm as long as `content is king‘ on the web.  I cannot imagine what else could be for sure.

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