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Digital Marketing – My perspective Part 2

Now that we know what drives the foundation of digital marketing, we need to know what is needed to make each process more meaningful. I have identified five critical areas as core mechanics to set it aside from other similiar marketing concepts. And each of this area requires talented human resources to shape the outcome … Continue reading

Digital Marketing – My Perspective Part 1.

While most of us are still trying to figure out what digital marketing is all about and whether it can contribute to a more sustainable marketing environment to help our business grow and expand its realms, some prefer to make do with what the market have to offer – short term tactical approaches. These approaches … Continue reading

Understanding client’s digital marketing needs.

Most local digital marketing agencies will focus on measuring and delivering web analytics as their core results. At the end of each month ( or campaign )they provide their clients  with a long list of logs, and sometimes bulks of statistical reports, intepreting what they see in  those reports for their clients to make their … Continue reading