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Welcome Clients & Partners!

Its an exciting time for businesses, be it the SMEs or the conglomerates, and not to mention the small businesses tucked away in the corner of  their room in comfy residential homes.  For those who acknowledged the need to`engage’, this is a time of endless opportunities. For those who fear the digital convergence in by … Continue reading

Information on Consulting Services

If you are looking out for an independent digital marketer or social media consultant or someone who can empower you or your staff to manifest your company’s social media or digital marketing projects do send me an email. I can be reached at  : dmckl@lycos.com Consulting on driving meaningful social media efforts through interactive processes … Continue reading

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Contact Me On The Following Channels.I will reply your messages within the next 24 hours. For more information about myself and DMC Engage365 pls go to :- About Myself Email : dmckl@lycos.com Facebook : Friends Welcome ! Twitter : Pete’s DigitalHub365 For Information On Consulting Services Click Here !