Lead Capture

The beauty of digital marketing is the ability to accumulate brand equity through a growing database of targeted leads that has the potential to boost sales and enhance asset value of a business.

That is why a campaign without a lead capture system is one that is of no intrinsic value because impressions are worth a lot less in a world of cluttered advertising messages. Your captured leads must be the benchmark to all successful online campaigns as it tells you how well your communications are crafted and whether it is accepted in a form of acknowledgement by your audience ( something traditional marketers cringe on hearing ).

So how does an online lead capture system works?

Lead capture on the web is as simple as getting a prospect’s email so that they can open their door for you to communicate with them. A spectrum of deliverables ( articles, videos, audio, tweets, blogs, etc )act as content gateways to a set of lead capture pages ( sometimes called the `squeeze page’ ) which are placed at specific entry points down the sales funnel. Residing on this page is a free offer in exchange for their contact information. Most of the time it would be quality information related to the product or service you are selling that would instantly benefit the user or lead.

Here is an overview of how a lead is captured in the online sales funnel :

lead capture system malaysia

The Online Sales Funnel

There are indeed certain techniques and testing methods that each project can adopt to. Here at DMC, our approach is based on case studies and proven systems to drive our client’s results. But by the end of the day it must deliver the core benefits.

Having said that, a well constructed lead capture campaign can bring 3 major benefits to your organization :

1. Multi-Database Of Repeat Customers

2. Improved Sales Conversions

3. Business Equity & Asset Enhancement

Email me if you want to have a good structured chat on the topic 🙂

PS. And yes, Facebook has the world’s greatest lead capture page !

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