Search Marketing

As the saying goes if you’re not on google, you’re not on the web. And I for one totally agree with that. So what does Search Engine Marketing (SEM) really means to your business? And why is it that every online business cannot do without them?

Just imagine, a potential lead or customer waiting for their answers to a search query after telling the engines what they want. Its like handing out strings of business opportunities to your doorsteps, craving for your solutions to solve their problems. But of course, only if you know how to stay visible and in front of these highly qualified individuals.

Search Engine Marketing methods and techniques are used through the deployment of Pay Per Click campaigns, Online Display Ads, Feed Programs, Traditional Advertising and Paid Inclusions like Directory Listings and other innovative technologies that might evolve in the future. While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a subset of SEM which builds the foundation and the essentiality to effective search marketing campaigns.

The illustration below will give you an idea of how  search engine optimization works:-

SEO Malaysia

Search Engine Optimization Work System Application

Here is what a good SEM & Onpage/Offpage Optimization campaign can do for your business :

1.  Maximum business visibility & coverage on the web.

2. Gain quality `buying’ prospects.

3. Convert sales online

4. Build a database of targetted prospects.

5. Test marketing message effectiveness and efficacy

6. Analyse consumer demand & behavioural patterns

This is the reason why online marketing is crucial and why engaging in a non analytical one way marketing communication is destine to flop. The lead or customer is telling you what they want through their search queries. It would not make sense for you to ignore and not capitalize on such a huge business advantage by knowing what the market wants instead of creating something you think the market needs.

PS. Give me a tinkle and I’ll share with you my 5 years of hands on experience with SEM & SEO!

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