Social Media

Social media is really the traditional personal networking space transported into the virtual world. Just like traditional networking events, partnerships are forged, relationships fostered, business gets done and achievements get acknowledged. Therefore one could expect brands to be built based on impressions under these circumstances. And when you do it online, it gets even bigger and more far reaching. Something you just cannot achieve, if you are networking offline.

Here’s how social media works.The more followers or fans you have, the more successful you are seen as. The more active your network, the more popular it gets. Activities like exchanging of short messages, downloading applications, playing real-time online games, posting photos, keeping journals and all sorts of applications that encourages activity and communication keeps the network alive. All part of a high value social network that can be factored into your account books as a business asset.

Social media branding are built on impressions. Impressions are therefore meaningless unless you are able to engage your audience into meaningful conversations when they respond. The longer the interaction the longer the brand experience and the more significant your online marketing campaign gets. When a good conversation gets tagged and shared, thats when you are really starting to get results that are `meaningful’ instead of `false’ inactive impressions.

Here is a nutshell view of how we approach our structure for social media projects :-

DMC Engage365's Social Media System Workflow

How can you use Social Media to build a more stronger brand experience with your stakeholders and stay ahead among your competition?

1.  Build impressions ( of brand `acceptance’ )
2. Foster relationships
3. Mitigate brand perceptions
4. Engage to influence
5. Lead qualification

If you need to know more about how to engage your customers online to build a better brand , let me know and I’ll set up a run through in our next meeting. Its all in the creative development of an interactive process.

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