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Brand Mitigation On Social Media – ” Sorry ” Sells?

Apologies are powerful tools in today’s social media environment. Too much of it will cost you and your brand of their credibility to loose its lusture. Failure to use it will often result in a backfire and a significant level of loss and damage to your brand and business. Once the problem gets viral, the … Continue reading

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  • Most local digital marketing agencies will focus on measuring and delivering web analytics as their core results. At the end of each month ( or campaign )they provide their clients  with a long list of logs, and sometimes bulks of statistical reports, intepreting what they see in  those reports for their clients to make their own decisions. But what most clients want is to have these agencies helping them to visualize on the potential of these data and create market opportunities by getting involved in their decision making process, developing new strategies that will (more…)
  • Its an exciting time for businesses, be it the SMEs or the conglomerates, and not to mention the small businesses tucked away in the corner of  their room in comfy residential homes.  For those who acknowledged the need to`engage', this is a time of endless opportunities. For those who fear the digital convergence in by the way they influence their business ( and lifestyles ), it is time you take up this essential challenge by its horns just like you did when you first started your business. (more…)